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UV Urban Case

Packagingon April 29th, 2010Comments Off

Our client, Bridgeport Products wanted to expand their line of CD cases to a younger demographic and created this Urban line. We created packaging that used posterized street scenes that were printed in metallic and flourescent inks.

UV 32 CD case

UV 64 CD case

Timothy Joseph: Long Time Here

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Timothy Joseph is a folk musician with powerful gift for poetic lyrics and addictive melodies. This is the packaging for his album named “A Long Time Here”.

You can find the non-packaged version at iTunes here

CD case open

CD case open

Song sheet

CD case back


ZPizza Box

Packagingon February 21st, 2010Comments Off

The pizza box for ZPizza. Simple logo on the outside, surprise story on the inside. Unique spin on the traditional pizza box for a unique kind of pizza place.

See the case study here.

Pizza box open

Masked Rider

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Masked Rider is a toy line for a short-lived live-action kids TV show. Working with an existing logo we developed a style to the packaging that drew from the fly shaped eye of the hero.

Masked Rider: Figure package back

Masked Rider family

Physan 20

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Physan 20 is gardening fungicide that is coveted by orchid growers and other gardening enthusiasts. They needed to refresh their look to help them stand out in the crowded garden supply shelves where most everything is green. Our approach was to develop a signature flower illustration with a golden yellow and grey color palette creating an iconic and eye catching brand look.

Mukku Packaging

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Mukku is a line of developmental toys for pre-schoolers. Originally sold in Japan, we re-branded it for the US market.

For the case study on Mukku, go here.

Mukku Toy Activity Center: Detail of side panel

Mukku: Phone

Calavo UHP Guacamole

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This line of packaging was created for a new line of quacamole product from Calavo. It is called UHP or Ultra-High Pressure guacamole which is a process for using pressure to package the guacamole in a fresh state without any preservatives whatsoever. So this product can be displayed in the produce section because it is fresh.

We developed this design to communicate it’s freshness and pure state by using a chipboard box with a label attached. This look evokes the classic fruit and produce crate of old and nothing captures the romance of fresh farming like the historical fruit crates. This design has been a huge success for Calavo.

You can find the related advertising here.

Calavo UHP Guacamole: Caliente flavor


Packagingon April 30th, 1999Comments Off

Digimon is another virtual pet toy from Bandai as an offshoot under the Tamagotchi brand. However, instead of the type of virtual pet that you nuture, this is one that you raise to combat. The unique play feature for Digimon is that once you raise it, you can connect it to another Digimon and have them fight each other.

Obviously this is a toy created for the boys market! BobCo’s approach to this design was to create a snarling, nasty but fun kind of logo that would appeal to boys and reflect the nature of this character based toy. A signature icky lime green was paired with the brick and cage pattern of the toy itself to bring to life the caged fighting type of play.

BobCo also created all of the POP, banners, and other merchandising for the promotion of this product.

Digimon packaging back side

Close up of Digimon character within the logo.

Close up of inside flap of 5th panel box with toy die-cut.

Close up of Digimon story inside the 5th panel flap.

Digimon store banner

Digimon store banner

Digimon store banner

Tamagotchi Packaging

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This packaging was developed for the Tamagotchi toy which went on to become the biggest toy of the year and one of the best-selling toys of all time.

You can find the case study on Tamagotchi here.