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Digimon is another virtual pet toy from Bandai as an offshoot under the Tamagotchi brand. However, instead of the type of virtual pet that you nuture, this is one that you raise to combat. The unique play feature for Digimon is that once you raise it, you can connect it to another Digimon and have them fight each other.

Obviously this is a toy created for the boys market! BobCo’s approach to this design was to create a snarling, nasty but fun kind of logo that would appeal to boys and reflect the nature of this character based toy. A signature icky lime green was paired with the brick and cage pattern of the toy itself to bring to life the caged fighting type of play.

BobCo also created all of the POP, banners, and other merchandising for the promotion of this product.

Digimon packaging back side

Close up of Digimon character within the logo.

Close up of inside flap of 5th panel box with toy die-cut.

Close up of Digimon story inside the 5th panel flap.

Digimon store banner

Digimon store banner

Digimon store banner