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ZPizza Box

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The pizza box for ZPizza. Simple logo on the outside, surprise story on the inside. Unique spin on the traditional pizza box for a unique kind of pizza place.

See the case study here.

Pizza box open

Masked Rider

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Masked Rider is a toy line for a short-lived live-action kids TV show. Working with an existing logo we developed a style to the packaging that drew from the fly shaped eye of the hero.

Masked Rider: Figure package back

Masked Rider family

Physan 20

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Physan 20 is gardening fungicide that is coveted by orchid growers and other gardening enthusiasts. They needed to refresh their look to help them stand out in the crowded garden supply shelves where most everything is green. Our approach was to develop a signature flower illustration with a golden yellow and grey color palette creating an iconic and eye catching brand look.

Mukku Packaging

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Mukku is a line of developmental toys for pre-schoolers. Originally sold in Japan, we re-branded it for the US market.

For the case study on Mukku, go here.

Mukku Toy Activity Center: Detail of side panel

Mukku: Phone

Calavo UHP Guacamole

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This line of packaging was created for a new line of quacamole product from Calavo. It is called UHP or Ultra-High Pressure guacamole which is a process for using pressure to package the guacamole in a fresh state without any preservatives whatsoever. So this product can be displayed in the produce section because it is fresh.

We developed this design to communicate it’s freshness and pure state by using a chipboard box with a label attached. This look evokes the classic fruit and produce crate of old and nothing captures the romance of fresh farming like the historical fruit crates. This design has been a huge success for Calavo.

You can find the related advertising here.

Calavo UHP Guacamole: Caliente flavor

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Part of our continuing brand development and management of the ZPizza brand has involved the strategic direction and design of their online presence.

Our strategy for has been to harness the corporate website to communicate the ZPizza food, story and mission. But we’ve taken it much farther than that. We developed a strategy of creating a network of individual Store Sites that each represents a unique store but are all connected through

The Store Sites give each local ZPizza a unique page to communicate with their local customers. Instead of creating a static page, we’ve made each Store Site a WordPress blog template so that the franchisee is free to post whatever they’d like. In order to harness the power of social networking, each franchisee has a Twitter account with a link on this page and a link to the ZPizza Facebook page.

Each Twitter account can be used to broadcast what we call “Instant Offers” valid for the local customers only. This has been a powerful tool for the individual franchisee to pump up foot traffic during slow days.

Since the launch of the re-design of in the beginning of 2009, there has been an 87% increase in traffic to the site and the Store Site strategy has changed the face of local store marketing. You can find the website here. You can find the Case Study of our work for ZPizza here. Locations page Food Page: Pizzas About Us page Franchisee Local Store Blog Page

JTB Asia Travel Website

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JTB is the largest and most trusted travel agency in Japan. They offer a high level of service that is much higher than what is considered normal by US standards. This can include, for example, on-location customs concierges to help you navigate your way through customs in a new country (on some tours).

The website that they had previously looked like a low-budget operation and certainly didn’t match their services or their brand. They hired us to update the website and position the brand for a US audience that is unfamiliar with them. You can find the website here. Home page with map navigation Home page without map navigation

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Calavo Growers, Inc is the worlds largest marketer and distributor of avocados, as well as other produce. We re-designed their corporate website to correspond to our re-branding efforts for the company. You can find the website here. Company page Investor Relations page Products page Growers page Consumers page