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The ZPizza Conference in Las Vegas

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Bob had the pleasure of giving the state of the brand address at the ZPizza Annual Franchisee Conference in Las Vegas on March 25, 2010. He presented a sneak peak of the 2010/11 design initiative for the brand marketing and the store architectural redesign to ZPizza franchisees.

A great conference and a great client!


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Click here to see the ZPizza case study.

Timothy Joseph: Long Time Here

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Timothy Joseph is a folk musician with powerful gift for poetic lyrics and addictive melodies. This is the packaging for his album named “A Long Time Here”.

You can find the non-packaged version at iTunes here

CD case open

CD case open

Song sheet

CD case back



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DrinkSpot is an iPhone app that allows you to capture and share a favorite bar, cafe, beach, view or moment that’s too good to keep to yourself.

Our solution was to create an iconic logo that would double as the app button and stand out on your iPhone screen. In order to give that sense of travel and global fun, we took the international symbol of cocktail and made the olive into a map pin. All of this within the frame of a bar coaster which perfectly captures the essence of the app.

For the case study about DrinkSpot, click here.