Kettley BRT

The Problem

Kettley is a financial services software company. Their cornerstone product is called Back Room Technician. This is the type of software that helps financial advisors spin the numbers, run your reports and show you your financial future. Effortlessly.

Their existing customers were passionate about this product because it was making them very successful. Most of them credited BRT for their success! But this message wasn’t getting out because most communications were simply about the feature set.

Our Strategy

The best way to communicate the real-world benefits and results of using BRT was to use the words of the actual advisors who where so passionate about it. Instead of presenting a laundry list of feature comparisons, we decided it was far more compelling to have a user tell you just how important it is in their professional life. It becomes more of a personal referral of sorts.

So we began a campaign that was focused on the “success stories” of BRT. We interviewed the most successful advisors and let them tell us how BRT changed their lives. These advisors were happy to do it and gave us the real world perspective and enthusiasm that was priceless.

In addition, we gave the brand a design makeover. BRT needed to look as valuable as it was to it’s customers. If BRT made them rich, the brand needed to reflect this.

Direct Mail Campaign

Direct Mail Campaign

Direct Mail Campaign

BRT Brochure

Trade Show Banner

The Result

Our campaign helped pump new life into this old brand. We interviewed, photographed and shot video of numerous long-standing and passionate BRT users and they were thrilled to do it. The BRT brand look established swept through all brand touch points from direct mail to the website to the trade show booth and collateral. Most of all, sales increased while awareness with the younger generation of advisors soared.