The Problem

DPSI is short for Diversified Protection Systems, Inc. This is a company that specializes in creating fail-safe systems which support and maintain critical operations. In a nutshell, they design and implement back up safety, cooling, and electrical systems for clean rooms, computer rooms, and telecommunication facilities, as well as museums, libraries, and entertainment entities. Anything that must keep running, even in a natural disaster.

DPSI had a stellar reputation, but no brand cohesion in thier materials. Clients had a hard time remembering the name and they didn’t have a logo.

Our Findings

Through a series of interviews with the founder, we found out some critical things:

  1. DPSI service offerings are unique in their scope in the industry.
  2. DPSI is on the cutting-edge in design and technology for their solutions.
  3. They have a rock-solid reputation because they are good at what they do and their systems work.

DPSI Proposal Materials Folder

Our Strategy

We had to visually communicate the integrity, technological sophistication and dependability that is DPSI. We developed the tagline “Failure is not an option.” This was a succinct summary of DPSI’s attitude towards their work and would reassure potential customers of the seriousness of DPSI’s quality of work. Almost like an upfront guarantee.

We created a brand look that started with a logo that used converging arcs to show the stages of the process, with the final arc providing “cover” or protection. The letter forms where custom designed with all line work clean, uncluttered and hi-tech. All meant to evoke similar qualities about the brand.

We created a package of materials that included a folder, a construction brochure, a service brochure and letterhead that would serve to introduce the company and house a proposal. Arced die cuts were utilized to mirror the visual metaphor in the logo. Metallic inks were used to give the materials a sense of the DPSI crafstmanship. All visually communicating a serious brand that is as well-crafted and unique as their offerings.

DPSI Service Brochure

The Result

These materials were a huge step up for DPSI and the results showed that. They put the logo on their vehicles and created uniforms with embroidered logos. The perception of the company had been elevated to match their capabilities and this has had a very positive effect on their business.