The Problem

Create a logo and an interface for a new iPhone app that enabled users to capture and share those great moments with a drink and good friends. Ideally the logo would stand out and be iconic on an iPhone screen. The interface should share the fun of the moments and places being captured. Most of all, the design and brand identity had to help the user understand what the app does in the highly competitive arena of iPhone apps.

Our Strategy

BobCo developed an iconic logo that communicated three worlds:

  1. The world of DrinkSpots was captured using the international sign for bar: the martini glass icon.
  2. This symbol was modified with a Google pin for the olive to symbolize exactly what the app does in capturing your location via GPS.
  3. The entire logo is framed on a drink coaster frame to really drive the point home.

Once the drink coaster became the symbol, it was an natural extension to create an interface that was a bar top with coasters as buttons. A warm and non-technical interface that brought some fun to the app and helps users understand what the app does.

The Result

A bustling and exciting social networking community has been born. The DrinkSpot brand is growing as it’s being leveraged for sponsored parties and events with major beverage sponsors to bring the community out from behind the phone. And DrinkSpots are being logged all over the globe.