Skilled Healthcare

The Problem

Skilled Healthcare is a group of companies that contract services to assisted-living homes, hospice care centers and rehabilitation facilities throughout the nation. This group of various companies needed to have a logo identity system that tied each together visually but identified each company as a very separate entity.

Our Strategy

I went about creating the logo for the parent company, Skilled Healthcare Group, with an eye towards creating a visual anchor through the use of type and color. This resulted in a singular font that would be used for all companies and a dark blue that would also be used in tandem with a unique second color.

Each company had a very different service and audience that it appealed to. So each logo had to have a very different approach. However, through the use of the consistent font and color, as well as the common soft-edged linework, there was a unity that was maintained.

Hallmark Rehabilitation logo

The Result

A very robust and flexible system that has served each company very well. Each has a strong and singular identity that fits within the family. The end result is a client that has been thrilled with the flexibility and extendability of the system for all uses.

Hospice Care of the West logo

Travelmark Staffing logo